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A message from our Trustee, Debi

by Debi Roberts

To everyone sitting exams or assessments,

We know how hard you are all working but wanted to remind you of something that we hope you will remember throughout the next few weeks and always; Whatever test or exam you are taking, it can't possibly assess what makes you so special and unique. The people who make these tests and score them do not know you the way your youth workers and teachers do and they certainly don't know you in the way your friends and family do.

They do not know that some of you speak different languages, or that sometimes you volunteer, or that some of you are young carers. They do not know that you were there for your friend when they were going through a hard time or that you picked up that little animal and moved it to a safer place.

They do not know your natural talent for acting, singing, public speaking or making people laugh. They can't know from the test that people just feel good when you are around...but perhaps you don't know that yet either.

They don't know that your friends count on you and that your smile brightens up so many peoples' day. They do not know that you are kind and trustworthy and that every day (well most), you do the best that you can do.

For sure exams are important and tell people something about you but they don't tell everything and depending on your perspective, they miss out some of the most important bits! There are many ways of being smart and showing your intelligence so during this intense time of revision and sitting exams, remember there is no way to 'test' all of the amazing and awesome things that make you, YOU!

Debi Roberts

(Inspired by Staff at Buckton Vale Primary School)