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Tutor Training

October 11th was the training day for S4S tutors - a chance to meet each other for the first time, and receive information from the head honchos. We were all a bit nervous at first, but everyone soon warmed up, and the whole day was a really good opportunity to get to know the rest of the team. Once the preliminary greetings were out of the way, we were given an outline of what our duties as tutors would be, and what sort of conduct was expected of us. 

The highlight of the day came next. We were lucky enough to hear an extensive lecture about the TOC thinking process from our Trustee, Debi. A tool used in the world of business to solve problems, Debi showed us how TOC could also be used to help ensure the children we will tutor get the most out of our hourly sessions. We learnt that how to use mind maps to organise our thinking and ensure the best outcomes possible in disputes, and how all this can help us to motivate children to learn. The session lasted for two hours, and I think we were all able to take away from it a few vital lessons to take into tutoring this year. The talk over, we took a short break to take a group photo, and then were back to work. 

James, the tutor liaison officer, introduced us to the impressive S4S website, including all the resources you could need as a tutor. I was really impressed by what was available to us, and it gave me a great deal of confidence to know that we would be well prepared for the challenges to come ahead. After a long and intense day, everything was wrapped up. How was my first experience of S4S? Well, I was knackered by the end of it, but all the talking made me feel even more excited about starting tutoring for real! 

Joe Kelly (Tutor in Oxford)