On this page we've listed a range of free, online resources to compliment your child's learning, with a description to help you decide if it's worth a try.


To help keep your child engaged and interested, we've suggested a variety of activities- from worksheets to interactive games.

Have a browse below, or if you are looking for something specific,  you can navigate to the type of resource, or subject that you want using the buttons below:

The national curriculum- explained.

Curriculum-based resources

If you'd like to understand more about how you can keep up with what your child should be learning in school, we've given a brief explanation of the national curriculum.

As you can see, the National Curriculum isn't always easy to understand if you aren't a teacher. CGP have put together a checklist based on the National Curriculum principles laid out by subject. This is a simple way of understanding what your child should be able to do in different school subjects, and measuring how confident your child feels about different tasks.


IXL also has detailed breakdowns of the curriculum with helpful examples of what your child should be able to do at the end of each school year.  

Maths -

English -


BBC Teach has great additional teaching and educational resources for children of all ages on Youtube. They cover core subjects including English, Maths and Science, as well as broader subjects such as Geography, Computer Science, French and Media Studies, all aimed at primary aged pupils.

Lockdown Learning on CBBC. Each week the BBC will release a schedule for their home learning shows available on CBBC for 3 hours every weekday (Cbeebies for KS1). BBC Two will also cater for secondary students with programming to support the GCSE curriculum, including adaptations of Shakespeare plays alongside science, history and factual titles.

There are some great Youtube channels available on the Youtube Kids app that will help to build upon the core curriculum and broaden your children's learning, including Geography, Science and mindfulness.  

Interactive activities

BBC Bitesize have great online resources for KS1 and KS2 pupils on Maths, English, Georgraphy, including videos and interactive exercises.  

Crickweb has free online resources for KS1 and KS2 children covering Literacy and Maths, as well as fun games, extra learning and links to other useful websites to help support your child's learning.

Maths -  

English -  

Topmarks has lots of fun online games for children aged 3-11, covering English and Maths.  

English -

Maths -  


Twinkl has online teaching resources for all primary age groups, focusing in Maths and English but also across a wide range of subjects, including Geography, Science and PSHCE. They have recently added resources for parents for home learning and additional activities to do with children during school closures.

Home learning -

Maths -

English -


Oxford Owl for Home has a wide range of free e-books and resources for children aged 3-11, produced by the Oxford University Press. Subjects covered include Reading, English and Maths, as well as fun activities for learning at home.

Reading -  

English -

Maths -  


Teachit has a free sign-up option that gives you access to PDF downloads of worksheets and resoruces. Topics cover English, Maths and Science, as well as have targeted resources for SATs that include activities, games and worksheets help your child achieve their potential in their end-of-year tests.

English -

Maths -  


Scholfield and Sims is an educational publishing company that has made many of their KS1 and KS2 resources free online for parents. Topics include English, Maths, SATs and 11+ and verbal reasoning. They also have Home Study Packs for Years 1-6 that can be bought from their website.

Primary Resources have hundreds of teacher-produced worksheets and explanation powerpoints across all primary school subjects. The website is organised by subject then topic, within which worksheets appropriate to your child's age are noted by the number (3, meaning Year 3), or the overall key stage level. –

English -

Maths - has a free signup option to give you access to free games, lesson plans and worksheets covering English and Maths topics. Search by age (KS1 – 1st grade. KS2 – 2nd-5th grade. Year 7 – 6th grade) or topic.  


Key Stage 2 Maths is a Youtube channel dedicated to explaining maths concepts with easy-to-follow examples, covering the broad range of topics children need to understand, divided by school year to help you find the most appropriate video to help your child.


Maths-games has fun and free online Maths games of children of all ages. A great way to engage your children and help them to enjoy learning!


Maths Playground has free games for primary-aged children covering a huge range of Maths topics, including basic algebra, numbers, fractions, geometry. KS1 – 1st grade. KS2 – 2nd-5th grade. Year 7 – 6th grade.


Maths is Fun have a  huge number of resources covering a range of maths topics. Although they are not divided by age or school year, you can select any topic and the site includes explanations and basic introductions, and links to worksheets to help reinforce what your child has learned.



Blackbrook Community School have a number of online resources for parents looking to support their children's reading and writing.  


Pickatale is a reading and audiobook app for children, that gives you access to 1,700+m stories that your child can read themselves, so is an excellent resource while reaching libraries or access to school reading books is limited. They are currently running a 30 day free trial, after which the service costs £6.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time.  


Roy the Zebra has great interactive resources for early readers, included guided reading books and games.  


Literacy Zone has lots of fun games and worksheets focusing on words and spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing.  

What's next?
We know that you or your child might be having difficulties that go beyond the classroom, and we've put together a list of organisations who can provide expert advice and support for your situation.