Students4Students was founded in 2015 by two students who had met volunteering abroad. Within a few months of returning they established the first Students4Students branch in Oxford. Over two years the first volunteers tested what worked and built a sustainable model. In 2017 Students4Students launched their second branch in Durham, this was quickly followed in 2018 by a third branch in Bristol. 

Students4Students now has over 100 volunteers who work with over 150 pupils each week.


Students4Students owes its existence to another organisation, International Citizens Service (ICS). It was on an ICS programme, back in Summer of 2014, in Ghana, that Students4Students co-founders Alex and Will met and first discussed the idea of Students4Students – although it lacked a name back then. With a germ of an idea the pair came home wanting not only to put their newly learnt skills to good use but also to embody the wider ICS ethos of empowering young people to make a change in their local communities.

Planting Trees


Students4Students' first branch was founded at Oxford University with the ambition of supporting primary schools in the local area. Alex, with Will helping remotely, was largely supported by our first volunteer - James, who brought drive, determination, and also a lot of structure to our ideas. Thanks James!


It didn't stop there with many vitally important students supporting the growth of the branch, which has clearly stood the test of time!

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Turning Interest Into Action

Many hundreds of tutoring hours later, Students4Students received its charity status and now operates in 3 branches across the UK. Oxford, Bristol, and Durham all play an integral part in the work we do, from empowering young adults, to providing support to local primary schools and ultimately the pupils. In our eyes, we've only just started, and our ambitions are clear, we want to be recognized as a national charity across all universities.

Picking Up Trash