Our tutors have been working hard over lockdown to put together these comprehensive lesson plans on key topics within Maths and English.

The Powerpoints will take you through an interactive 20 minute lesson and are accompanied by a worksheet- with answers to help you check for understanding the topic. To make the most of the interactive elements, make sure you open the Powerpoint and  click slide show on the top toolbar > start from beginning, or press F5 on your keybodard.

We're currently expanding our list of topics, so if there's something you'd find helpful for us to include, let us know!

Fractions (by Felicity, tutor at Durham)

This lesson pack will help you to understand how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. There are fun games, songs and activities to help you tackle some challenging problems, all you need is a pen and paper!

Percentages (by Felicity, tutor at Durham)

Are you ready to learn all about percentages? This lesson pack will provide an introduction to percentages using equivalent fractions and worded problems, there is even a mystery to solve at the end! To complete the work, all you need is a pen and paper.

Times Tables (by Anisha, tutor at Durham).

This Times Tables presentation is to recap and learn all 12 of the times tables. There are 13 random questions per times table and your job is to answer them correctly, using  the answer slide at the end of the presentation to help check your answers.

Square numbers  (by Grace, tutor at Durham).

This lesson pack will help you to understand what square numbers are, learn the square numbers from 1 – 10 and the notation. It also considers some everyday uses of square numbers, such as area.


Creative writing

We hope you have got your thinking caps on! This lesson pack will expand your imagination and help you to come up with some amazing ideas and stories, all you need is a pen and paper to get started


Spelling can be tricky, but we've got plenty of tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you understand how some words are put together and remember words you're struggling with.

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