Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd and subsequent protests across America organised by the Black Lives Matter movement continue to highlight the deeply dismaying consequences of longstanding institutionalised and endemic racism. These protests have also served to draw attention to the same issues of racism and inequality faced by our own Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Undoubtedly, issues that many of us recognise in aspects of our daily lives.

Students4Students was founded to specifically address the educational inequalities in education. We believe that a quality education is a fundamental right for all and recognise that the existing education system is simply not equipped to meet the needs of all pupils.

We know that our society has a long way to go to achieve an education system that caters to the needs of all students. We acknowledge that we must actively confront racism and work towards a society where a pupil’s racial, ethnic or socio-economic background will not impede on their future wellbeing and success. Therefore, we will continue to advocate for equitable access to education and resources in the work that we do in under-resourced and underrepresented schools and communities. We will continue to foster an inclusive environment where all our members at all levels of the organisation are treated with fairness, dignity, and have equal opportunities to participate in all our activities.

We will always strongly condemn all forms of discrimination and stand with the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities fighting for equality, dignity and recognition of their human rights, here at home and abroad. Students4Students welcomes the role that we have to play in being a part of the solution and welcome new ideas to make us better at what we do.

We actively encourage our members and supporters to show their solidarity by reflecting on and educating themselves on the root causes of these issues, and actively seek opportunities to tackle these problems both directly and indirectly. These conversations will be difficult to have but nonetheless, we encourage our members and supporters to reach out to the National Executive Committee and Board of Trustees with their thoughts and recommendations. We are open to challenge and ready to listen.


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