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This blog is brought to you by Yun, Bristol branch's Treasurer and Fundraiser! She decided to organise a Blind Date scheme this year and wanted to share with you the ups and downs that comes with organising such a big fundraising event.

In the term just gone, I organised Blind Dates as a fundraising event and raised just over £400! Firstly, I made an application form- including a few questions of preference and released it through the University of Bristol Facebook community page called ‘Briscrush’. The post included a brief introduction of S4S, what we are aiming to promote and opportunities that we provide. After receiving applications, I organised blind dates throughout a week using Pizza Express as a venue. More than 500 people had shown their interests and signed up and it was great to raise more money than I expected as well as spread awareness for S4S across the university.

   The theme of this event, Blind Date, was used last year and I had decided to continue using this theme since I was sure that it would get attention from curious and adventurous students across the university. I also thought it would provide an unusual evening to students and give them something to expect other than their deadlines!

   It was very popular, as I thought it would be, but this popularity was a double-edged sword. So many people signed up that it became impossible for just one person to handle, from matching to contacting people and organising actual dates. Thankfully, I received some support from my fellow committee members!

   However, raising money watching people enjoy their evenings were something that I enjoyed and am very proud of at the same time. Since it was my first fundraising event, I didn't expect it to be perfect, but learnt much through the process, so I will be able to do it better next term. In that sense, I cannot wait to do it again and spread some love and happiness!



Students4students Bristol Branch

Last year's committee were feeling the love!

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