Branch update: Durham- a strong start to the year

The 2019/2020 executive members of the S4S Durham branch stepped into their roles at the start of this term with a vision to improve and expand. We set out with three main objectives:

  • To gain more tutors

  • To affiliate ourselves with with more schools in the local area

  • To be proactive about ways in which we could improve regarding logistic and administrative requirements.

As a team, we worked collaboratively throughout our first term and gained over 50 tutor applications in our first week; this highlighted the success of our Freshers fair and advertising through social media platforms. The number of schools we have tutors in this year is also a significant improvement! From last year where we only had one school taking part, we are now happy to announce that Durham S4S is actively tutoring in 4 schools. Our aim is to keep up our communication with these schools and continue to expand over the following years.

Our recruitment stall at the Freshers' Fair

To ensure that administrative documents were not an issue this year, we were successful in the planning and management of getting tutors into schools before Christmas. Although this was a positive, we came across a few problems regarding DBS attainment, with a large percentage of tutors having not processed this requirement in time. This was a particularly difficult challenge to overcome since we had worked so hard to gain more tutors to send to the 4 schools. Nonetheless, we have been diligent on working towards fixing this over the year, including looking into alternative routes for securing these checks.

As well as all of the above, we look forward to fundraising more next term. We have organised multiple events to do so, ranging from charity movie nights, to pub quizzes and also discussing a blind date social to raise money and awareness of the charity, our vision and mission! We look forward to updating you on the outcomes of these events, and we hope to raise money for a charity we are proud to support.


Schools Liaison Officer

Students4students Durham branch

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