Introducing our new Alumni Officer!

Hi everyone, I’m excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Alumni Officer for Students4Students.

A little about me – my name is Helen Collins and I first got involved with Students4Students during my undergraduate degree. I’ve been Treasurer of the Oxford branch for the past two years and I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve particularly loved the fundraising aspects of this role, including hosting events and writing grant applications, as well as being involved in initial plans to expand the branch.

Working with Students4Students has been incredibly rewarding, hence I’m excited to continue working with the charity. Although I’ll be staying in Oxford for the foreseeable future doing a DPhil in Neuroscience, this month I’ll be joining the national committee, tasked with setting up the new Alumni Network.

The aim of the Alumni Network is to form a community of people with a passion for improving the education of disadvantaged children to help support us both financially and intellectually in the future. Although we’re in the early stages of planning, we hope this will involve regular newsletters with updates on the charity’s day-to-day activities, panel discussion from experts and information on how to support the charity once tutors leave university. We also hope to give back to our supporters, for example with information about how to continue promoting educational equality in the workplace, and careers events from alumni for current tutors.

My first task will be to decide how to establish this network, and to discuss with current tutors and branch committee members what connection they’d like to retain with Students4Students when they graduate. I’m really looking forward to the chance to discuss this exciting new network with lots of people from across the organisation and hear more about what happens in each branch to keep everyone updated as we go forward.

The Alumni Network will launch in the next couple of months and I’d love to hear any ideas you have or resources that you’d like to see. Also, if you’re interested in being involved in a future panel discussion feel free to contact me:

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