Introducing our new welfare officer

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to be able to write this blog post and for the opportunity to introduce myeself as the new welfare officer for Students4Students.

Students4Students new welfare officer Bea with a cup of tea
Students4Students' new welfare officer: Bea

My name is Beatrice (or Bea) Egan and I first started volunteering with Students4Students in my second year of university, where I was a tutor and Recruitment Officer. I continued volunteering with Students4Students in my third year, instead choosing to focus on my role as recruitment officer, as well as assisting with fundraising. Since leaving university I am very grateful to have continued to be a part of Students4Students in my new role as Welfare Officer.

My aim in my new role is to promote the wellbeing of all of our volunteers, from tutors to committee members, and to ensure that they all feel fully supported in their roles and know who to turn to for support. Our volunteers are at the centre of our organisation, the work they do is incredible and makes a difference to so many children and their families. We want to ensure that our volunteers benefit from working with us too; not just through learning new skills but also through a positive sense of wellbeing due to making a difference.

Bea supporting Bristol's blind date fundraiser

My first task will be to better understand the needs of our volunteers. The next few weeks are already filled with sessions with our wonderful tutors and branch committee members in order that I can get vital first-hand feedback about how we can better support our volunteers. From these responses I will be working to develop and deliver training to the committee members at each branch, so they are better able to support our tutors, and we – the national executive – are better able to better support them.

We have an ambitious plan over the next year to improve the training, support and advice for our volunteers. I am certain this will keep me busy. I can’t wait to see things progress! I will be writing regular blog updates on my progress. In the meantime, if you have any ideas or feedback please feel free to contact me:

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