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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Saturday 7th September marked Students4Students’ annual ‘Committee Away Day’ – where committee members from all three branches and members of the national team met in central London for training and to discuss plans for the year ahead.

Introductions completed, which included some fun facts (who knew that hill starts could give people nightmares!), the morning began by cementing our identity as a charity – unpacking our vision and the core values at the heart of all we do. This was a really powerful session and helped bring the group together as we shared our own experiences.

Next, attention turned to one of the defining elements between ourselves and other educational charities: the goal setting tool from Theories of Constraint that is used to structure our tutoring sessions. As this has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool when used effectively, we followed the process in groups from start to finish – seeing how it could help us to overcome our hypothetical targets by considering the obstacles that might be encountered along the way. Although I had already used this tool when tutoring, going through it in more depth helped cement my knowledge. I now feel 'ready' to achieve my hypothetical goal of running a marathon.

After stopping for lunch and a quick round of human bingo, we were joined by our trustees for what proved to be an engaging AGM. The discussion focused on the exciting plans for growth in the new academic year. It was amazing to see how responsive the trustees were to our ideas and suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing how these ideas are progressed by S4S.

Finally, there was time to meet specifically with our positional counterparts at the other branches and our national team lead; gaining valuable role-specific advice and forging relationships that will undoubtedly help in supporting one another throughout the upcoming year – as was the spirit of the wider day. What better way to begin the academic year?!

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