Taking our tutoring online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, myself and a few others had the pleasure of tutoring some year six pupils during their time in school. A few different modes of tutoring were tried, and after a failed attempt on one platform, we found the Zoom worked very well. I had two pupils to tutor, both in maths so for each session I created a lesson plan, following their teacher’s guidance on the pupil’s individual problem areas. The wonderful thing about using Zoom was that the student and I could very easily see the same thing through the use of the “Share Screen” tool. Online tutoring also allowed the use of online times table matching games which would otherwise not have been possible. A further joy of online tutoring was that it didn’t matter that the children were studying several hours away from where I live, we could easily hop on a call, without having to travel anywhere, and start a session.

A major issue that I have become aware of during the pandemic is the educational inequality during COVID-19. Whilst privately-educated pupils have had the contact and resources needed to continue education to a similar standard, state schools, particularly primary schools, have not necessarily had the resources and staffing to keep up to their normal level. S4S and similar charities are wonderful for helping teachers to bridge the developmental gap arising from schools closing in late March, by helping to provide equal educational opportunities even during the pandemic. It has been a joy to work with these children and I will definitely miss them over the summer!

Alice Rich - Volunteer Tutor

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