Thank you to our Tutor Liaison Officers

I want to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing tutor liaison officers (TLOs) for all of their hard work during their tenure. The outgoing TLOs have done a great job in the past year. They have organised training sessions for the tutors, planned all the weekly tutoring sessions and have been there to support the tutors. I hope that this experience has been both rewarding and interesting for them.

As the recruitment period comes to an end, I would like to welcome our new TLOs to their new roles. Our new TLOs have a lot of experience with tutoring and will bring all their past experience to their roles. My introduction discussions with them have shown that they have big ideas on how to create a sense of community amongst the tutors and promote an environment where tutors feel supported. In these uncertain and stressful times, having a sense of belonging and knowing that there is someone you can speak to will be crucial for all our volunteers.

In the coming weeks, the incumbent TLOs will hold handover sessions for their incoming counterparts and there will be a training day for all new members. These will all be opportunities for the TLOs to learn from each other, exchange ideas and create a support network.

Sulo Omwenga

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