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Students for students

Change Driven By Young People 

Every child deserves to succeed 

What we're all about

Our vision is a society where all children irrespective of their background are able to achieve their full potential and where young people play an integral role in this. We deliver free one-to-one tuition to primary school pupils who are at risk of falling behind in maths or English.

Passionate about solving educational inequality 

We believe that the existing education system is not tailored to meet the needs of all pupils, that quality education is a fundamental right for all and that young people have a key role in solving educational inequality. We work to tackle unequal levels of access to resources and support, to enable primary school pupils to achieve their full potential. ​

Led by young people

Young people have a key role in solving educational inequality.

We have put young people at the heart of what we do because we believe that across the UK there are thousands of young people who share the same vision for a more equal education system which allows all children to succeed.

Committed to innovation and building new ideas

We strive to create a culture of innovation, where we are receptive to new ways of working and where our volunteers are empowered to look for ways to adapt to meet the individual's needs of every child

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Our branches 

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The Bristol Branch was founded in January 2018, with tutoring commencing in March 2018, it has since gone from strength to strength growing in size every year

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Oxford was our inaugural branch, founded in 2015. Since then, we have supported over 250 pupils leave primary school with improved maths and English skills

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Our Durham branch was founded in 2017 and quickly grew to become our largest branch. Last year, despite COVID restrictions, the branch supported over 60 pupils to improve their confidence in maths and English

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For Schools

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For parents

We've put together some top tips to help support children with home learning, and we've listed other professional organisations or support you can access that you may find helpful.

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