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We believe in the power of young people.

Our Philosophy 

We believe that the existing education system is not tailored to meet the needs of all pupils, that quality education is a fundamental right for all, and that young people have a key role in solving educational inequality. We work to tackle unequal levels of access to resources and support, to enable primary school pupils to achieve their full potential. 

​Our vision is a society where all children irrespective of their background are able to achieve their full potential and where young people play an integral role in this.

How it works

All of our tutoring is conducted on a one-to-one basis because we believe, and the evidence supports this, that pupils will respond better to having this dedicated attention which they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The one-to-one nature of our tutoring also enables our volunteers to build a strong relationship with their tutee(s), helping them getting to know their tutee(s) and ultimately ensures our volunteers are able to provide tailored training which meets the need of that tutee.

The benefits go beyond the tuition as our volunteers act as role models, inspiring the pupils we work with, providing them with the attention needed to boost their confidence and helping them enjoy learning; all of which has an impact beyond the improvements in Maths or English which we see.

Led by young people

Empowering young people has long been an important goal of NGOs, and it is a goal Students4Students shares too. However, we have taken it one step further; we don’t just empower young people to make a change we enable them to lead the change. Our member led organisational structure means the young people who volunteer with us don’t just deliver our tutoring, but they also set our strategy, decide our policies and help shape the very essence of what Students4Students sets out to do. Our young volunteers are our organisations leaders.

We have put young people at the heart of what we do because we believe that across the UK there are thousands of young people who share the same vision for a more equal education system which allows all children to succeed. We want to connect those who share this vision and use their passion, their ideas and their drive to change in their local communities. We believe that young people can be change makers.

Our core values

Our branches

Since our founding in 2015 our philosophy has always been to be student led. Each of our branches is therefore led by university students who are empowered to take the decisions that they believe will further our impacts. The work that we do could not happen without the amazing work of our branch committees.

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The Bristol Branch was founded in January 2018 and we had our first tutoring session later that year in March. We started work with just 5 volunteers but this year we have over 20 volunteers working with 30 pupils! The branch has really gone from strength to strength.


This academic year we are focusing on working with more schools as we try to accommodate the new volunteers who are starting. We are really looking forward to continuing growing Students4Students in Bristol!

The Bristol Committee.

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Oxford was the first Students4Students branch, founded on a wet afternoon in the winter of 2015. Much has changed since that first meeting, with the branch having over quadrupled in size since that first term of tutoring and all of the first committee having long graduated, but the original ethos of making change in local communities still drives what we do.

This academic year (2019/20) will see us undergo a significant change as we look to recruit Oxford Brookes students for the first time; this will double the student pool we can recruit from. We are really excited to take this opportunity and look forward to growing the number of pupils we can work with.

The Oxford Committee

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The Durham branch, founded in 2017, has quickly become Students4Students largest branch, with over 50 tutors. The close co-operation with the Durham Student Union, pioneered by Durham’s first Chair (Eithar) has now become the standard model across the other branches. Durham has continued this enterprising spirit by exploring how we can partner with other student organisations to grow our reach.

This year we are working to increase the involvement our tutors have in decision making at the branch level. We know that our volunteers have so many amazing ideas, we just need to help make them a reality!

The Durham Committee

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