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Our Philosophy 

We believe that the existing education system is not tailored to meet the needs of all pupils, that quality education is a fundamental right for all, and that young people have a key role in solving educational inequality. We work to tackle unequal levels of access to resources and support, to enable primary school pupils to achieve their full potential. 

​Our vision is a society where all children irrespective of their background are able to achieve their full potential and where young people play an integral role in this.

How we can help you

Coronavirus has caused huge disruption to children's education, especially to those children who are at a critical stage in their learning. It's also become clear that the situation is even more difficult for families who have limited access to online resources, or with parents who may be juggling other commitments and don't have the ability or resources to constantly supervise their child's study.


Students4Students believe that every child deserves the chance to succeed, and our mission is to address unequal access to resources and support in education. That's why we've worked hard to gather together top-quality resources in English and Maths so that you don't have to trawl the internet or pay expensive subscriptions. You can browse by subject and read about the topics the resource will cover. 

We've also put together some top tips to help support children with home learning, and we've listed other professional organisations or support you can access that you may find helpful.

Read our tips for home learning

Online resources

A list of free, online resources to compliment your child's learning, with a description to help you decide if it's worth a try.

To help keep your child engaged and interested, we've suggested a variety of activities- from worksheets to interactive games.​

Have a browse below, or if you are looking for something specific,  you can navigate to the type of resource, or subject of your choice. . 

Helpful lesson plans

Our tutors have been working hard over lockdown to put together these comprehensive lesson plans on key topics within Maths and English.

The Powerpoints will take you through an interactive 20 minute lesson and are accompanied by a worksheet- with answers to help you check for understanding the topic.

Tips for home learning 

Supporting your child's learning during lockdown is a new role that has been thrust upon parents, with many juggling this amongst their many household and/ or work commitments. Visit our top tips for home learning page for more information. 

Learn more >

More support

If your family are facing other difficulties beyond learning from home, there are lots of professional organisations who are here to help. Visit our list of approved support lines and organisations . 

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