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Our Philosophy 

We believe that education is a fundamental right for all, that all pupils deserve to fulfil their academic potential, and that young people have a key role in solving educational inequality.


We know that some pupils need more support than others but that schools are not able to provide extra support to all the pupils who need it.


We work to increase access to resources and support, primarily through one-to-one tuition, in order to enable primary school pupils to achieve their full potential.

How we can help you

Students4Students offers free weekly one-to-one Maths and/or English tutoring for Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils whose attainment is below the national expected standard.

Our one-to-one tuition model, supported by our goal setting methodology, enables us to tailor our tuition to meet the individual needs of each pupil. Our volunteers, students from local universities, receive in depth training in our methodology alongside other teaching techniques and of course child safety. Our volunteers are also supported by Students4Students’ core national team who provide resources and planning support. The tuition sessions we provide are also designed to complement the existing teaching in the classroom in order to provide the maximum benefit to the pupil. Our tailored model not only help pupils increase their attainment but it also leads to greater confidence and an increased enjoyment in attending school

Boys at School

How does it work?

‘At the start of term, we ask our partner schools to provide us with a list of pupils, who need our support, along with a pupil information form which details the areas of either Maths or English that pupil struggles with. Since our tuition takes place in schools we ask our partner schools to confirm when they would like us to provide tuition; this tends to be in the afternoon either during the school day or just after school. 


With this information we then carefully pair pupils with our available tutors. Once paired with a pupil our tutors run an initial goal setting session with the pupils, aimed at further understanding the pupil and what they want to achieve themselves. Using the pupil information form and the output of the goal setting session our tutors then create a bespoke tuition plan for the pupil.


Each week during term time our tutors will visit our partner schools to work with the two pupils they have been paired with. Each session will be carefully planned, using resources we provide our tutors, to meet the needs of individual pupils. At the end of term, we provide schools with a summary of what each pupil has been working on and the progress they have made. We also ask class teachers to answer a short questionnaire in order that we can analyse the impact of our work

Teacher and Pupil

How to become a partner school

If you are interested in becoming a partner school please first check that we have a branch in your local area; we only offer our services to schools that easy to reach from our branches. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If we do have a branch near your school then please contact us and we will start the simple process of setting you up as a partner school. This will involve an initial meeting with one of our branch school liaison officers to get to know your school, a few quick forms to fill in and then a quick call to get the logistics of tuition sorted