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Meet our Student Honorary Trustee

I'm Emma, the Student Honorary Trustee for Students4Students in the 2023-24 academic year, meaning I represent the student volunteers' perspective on S4S' Trustee board.

I have been involved in S4S for over 3 years now, starting as a tutor, becoming the treasurer for the Oxford Branch last year, and now holding the position of Chair for the Branch. I am incredibly passionate about the work S4S does; which is why, alongside getting a degree (and a job!), my ambition this year is to expand the Oxford Branch through a strong recruiting programme, and to grow the Branch into a fully independent arm of the charity.

Outside of S4S I am currently a Modern Languages (Spanish and Russian) student, and am I my final year. I plan to make the most of this final time at University and will throw all my time into the opportunities that this year presents - including, of course, S4S.

I stood to be the Honorary Student Trustee, as I believe it's incredibly important that S4S continues to be young people led. I want to spend the year digging deep into how other branches work within the wider S4S framework and discussing some existential questions about how branches will evolve as the charity expands. Alongside these opportunities to work on the structure of S4S, I hope to work with the trustees to understand governance processes of the charity - with the lucky chance to see the macro, national functioning of S4S along the day-to-day branch work I do.

Hopefully, through this work as liaison between students and trustees we will continue being an impactful charity which benefits the pupils we tutor and the students who volunteer.

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