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A new School Relationships Manager

Hello! I am Marcus, and I am the new School Relationships Manager.

When I applied three years ago to become a Maths tutor, volunteering with S4S seemed an excellent way to make a difference in the local community which was manageable alongside university studies. Going into a school in north Oxford soon became a highlight of my week as I saw pupils grow in confidence as a result of the one-on-one tutoring we provided.

I was interested in helping the branch in a different capacity and joined the Oxford committee, first as Recruitment Officer and later as Chair. It was heartening to see how many applications we received from people who were drawn towards the charity’s vision and became enthusiastic tutors. Our volunteers were steadfast during the pandemic despite the challenges of tutoring remotely, and fortunately we were able to keep operating in a period when our work was needed more than ever. It also became clear that the sense of community within S4S is a great asset.

I have always been grateful for the level of support provided by members of the national committee, something I will try my best to emulate as I assist the branch School Liaison Officers to build and strengthen our partnerships with local schools.

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