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Introducing our new Child Safety Lead

My name is Nicole Jones and I am the newly appointed child safety lead for S4S. I have only held this position for a couple of months but it has been an exciting start so far.

I applied for the position because I am currently working as a secondary school Maths teacher, leading on pastoral care and wellbeing in my school and really wanted to share my experiences. S4S was the perfect place because I had been part of a similar experience when I was undertaking my undergraduate degree, which then led me onto becoming a teacher. I believe that being a teacher is the best job in the world. No day is the same, young people look at the world differently and are full of challenge and I feel privileged to share my experiences with S4S.

My role as Child Safety Lead is paramount to the successful support that we provide to young people and our volunteers. Safeguarding is our number one priority and it is my role to ensure that all parties are clear that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This message was shared, just last week in our annual (virtual) away training day for our committee members and National Exec. The headline figures for child safety in our country are harrowing and they are a stark reminder that there are vulnerable children that need additional support.

The current climate makes it likely that our young people are more vulnerable than ever, which means that I am committed to ensuring that all of our volunteers are best equipped to support our young people and recognise concerns that they may have. My next task is to create a rolling programme of training and support for all of our volunteers, which will allow time for additional training, support and questions meaning that safeguarding remains at the top of our agenda. I am really looking forward to developing this more.

Please look at our child safety documents on our website or feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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