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Meg's experience tutoring

This year has undoubtedly been a strange one. But volunteering with Students4Students, helping year six children with their maths, has been one of the year’s biggest highlights. Somehow, the team managed to negotiate a logistical nightmare: getting children learning online amidst a global pandemic. Logging on each week to tutor my two students always brought a smile to my face, and I was so pleased to see them begin to grasp concepts they weren’t sure about (I’m looking at you, fractions!).

Maths was never my favourite subject in school, so it felt right to be able to give something back to students finding it just as difficult as I did, and to contribute to the local community in which we are living and studying for most of the year.

Being trained in how to set meaningful targets for the pupils and measure their successes also meant we could make much faster progress than we would have without guidance, and I’m so thankful to Students4Students for the tutoring opportunities it’s given me. I’m excited to continue my involvement with the charity next year as Schools Liason Officer, and I would recommend volunteering with Students4Students to anybody in Durham, Bristol, or Oxford.


Meg's experience tutoring

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