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Reflecting on our AGM

Having being involved with Students4Students since August, attending the virtual Annual General Meeting gave me the opportunity to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of everybody involved in the charity over the past year. Sometimes it’s easy to think that each member takes up a small part in the tapestry of the organisation, however, national-level meetings are a salient reminder of how crucial each and every person is to making Students4Students run smoothly and effectively.

Kickstarting the evening, Alex Astley (Director) and Will Clare (Chair of Trustees) welcomed us to the meeting, providing us with an update on the work the charity has done over the past year, as shown in the Annual Report. As the Tutor Liaison Officer from the Durham Branch, it was great to hear of the successful achievements of the other branches, Oxford and Bristol, who have worked exceptionally hard over the last year. I really started to see the effects of the positive work we all do within our respective roles, on both a branch and national level.

Following these updates, Will Clare stood for re-election of his Trustee role, which he successfully secured, with all voters in favour of his continuation in this role. The two motions, put forward by Alex and Joe Kelly (Treasurer) respectively, were also agreed upon by all voters, proposing the opening up of an honorary Student Trustee position, and creating a reserves policy which would ensure financial stability.

The AGM also gave attendees the opportunity to give our own ideas regarding increasing young people’s participation throughout the charity. It was great to hear so many positive ideas that could be incorporated in a COVID-friendly way, ranging from more socials across branches, to reaffirming the motion put forward by Alex, suggesting the appointment of an honorary Student Trustee. Young people are at the heart of what we do at Students4Students, so their involvement in activities is pivotal to maintaining the success of the charity.

In such times as these, it was inspiring to reflect upon and address how well Students4Students have adapted to the series of changes brought about in light of coronavirus. Not even a pandemic could halt our vision: ensuring that all children, irrespective of their backgrounds, have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the AGM, and a big congratulations to everybody for their hard work over the past year.


Durham Tutor Liaison Officer

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