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The Students4Students Alumni – where are they now?

This term, Students4Students is celebrating 5 years of helping primary school pupils to reach their potential, with the great work of over 350 students from Oxford, Bristol and Durham. As part of these celebrations, in July we launched our Alumni Network – our chance to stay in contact with our tutors after they graduate and to help them continue to promote educational equality wherever they go next.

Students4students tutors have gone on to a huge range of careers and postgraduate studies, including become lawyers, teachers and studying for Masters degrees around the country. We caught up with two of our previous tutors to find out what they’d been up to since leaving university.

Cherlyn – Oxford Recruitment Officer, 2016-2017

I studied Law at University. I was Recruitment Officer for Students4Students, and it was fantastic to interview all the potential tutors and hearing about their motivations for why they applied, ranging from wanting to make a different in inequalities in education outcomes, to having tutored before and enjoying it. I’m currently working in a law firm. In my spare time I read, and think about migrant worker issues.

Zach – Oxford branch, 2018-20

After having spent a year as Tutor Liaison Officer at Oxford, I took on the position as Branch Chair. My responsibilities included ensuring that the branch continued to progress and expand, while sustaining and developing our existing relationships across the community, in addition to supporting other committee members in their tasks as appropriate. Since graduating in the summer, I have started working within the African Climate research cluster at the School of Geography and the Environment in Oxford, in partnership with the UK Met Office. I am currently developing the work I began in my undergraduate dissertation, considering the role played by low-level jets in shaping rainfall and dust emissions across the African continent. Alongside this, I have taken up the position of National Membership Secretary within Students4Students and am working on a couple of projects to ensure that our members' views are truly reflected across all aspects of decision making.

Thank you to both Cherlyn and Zach, it’s great to hear how some of our previous tutors are getting on!

If you used to work with Students4Students, either as a tutor or in a committee role, please sign up to our Alumni Network! It’s a great chance to stay up to date with the work of Students4Students, and a way for you to help support us and continue to promote educational equality going forward!

Sign up here to join the Alumni Network!

Helen Collins - Alumni Officer

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